Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's My FIRST Halloween and it's time to Trick or Treat!!

Sissy decided to help Mom on this post to show her how to put pictures in the blog. She will learn to do it on her own, soon!

I am just so excited! Today is my very first Halloween! Boooo! I'm not even scared cause I am a big girl! I know sissy sent my blog out when I asked Mr. Hefner to invite me to his party. I got fitted for my Bunny Suit and everything! Sis said I was too young to go even if Mr. Hefner said I could go! Sis went to the mansion for the big Playboy Halloween Party and she even has video. I don't really know what all happened cause she covers my ears when she speaks of it!! She said she would let everyone know about her trip here - in the next few days!!

Last Night, I got to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" I have never seen that! I liked it! There was someone on their named Snoopy! I don't know what he was but I liked him! Sis let me stay up late to watch it and then let me hang around to watch Nip/Tuck. She covered my eyes and ears for most of that! Here it is! Look!!

Last Night, Right before bed, Sis told me a Ghost Story. It scared me so I got under the covers and snuggled up! But I wasn't scared! Not one bit!!

This morning, after I peeked out from under the covers the coast was clear! No ghosts, no goblins, no witches!! I really wanted to wear more than one costume, and as you know I hated my bunny ears. Sis made me wear it, though. It wasn't for long! Here I am!

Here is my other costume! I get to be a lil' CowPoke! I LOVE it! It's Roxstar, too! I hate my hat, though!!

The best part of this outfit is the snaps! If I can just get my foot in here and my hand in here, and waller aroung on my back a bit - maybe I can get this thing off! Shhhh - don't tell Sis, or Mom!

Click on the text in different colors and learn cool stuff! I know I am!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's almost very first birthday

Boy am I excited. Mom and sis tell me that in just one week I'll be 1 year old. And I'm going to have a party and invite all my friends. Of course it'll probably only be my human friends and all my stuffed animal toys cause I don't like dogs (what's dogs??). And mom will bake me my very own birthday cake and she says I can eat it!

Mom made my special birthday party dress and the bow for my head. It's pink with silver stars. My sis likes stars because she IS a star. I like to sit in her lap when she works at her desk and I cry when she tries to put me works!