Monday, July 12, 2010

New Headshots of ME!

Sis says we finally got some more headshots..whatever those are. She says they are pics of me that I signed...dunno why. Here is what they look like. Sis says if you want one email her at the address below and she will mail you one out. I just want to go to the park.

-CoCo "sign this" Cox

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fire Popper Day!!

Today is Firepopper Day and I am pumped! Sparkwers and ice cream! My favorite! Yum!! Have fun everyone and be safe!!!
Hi! I am Miss. Independent!

Playin in my garden...

Peanut Butter Kong Ice Cream! MY FAVORITE!! YUM!

CoCo "Miss Independent" Cox

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summmma Time!!

Boy has it been, HOT! I hope it cools off soon! All I do is try to stay in the shade. Sis barely let's me go to the poopsy palk, anymore. She even made me stay at Moms on Memorial Day..I wasn't happy. Oh, well. 4th of July is comin soon and I can't wait!!
Poopsy Pawk, sunbathin...
All dwessed up and nowhere to go. Sis made me stay at Mom's for her Memorial Day bbq. :(
CoCo "You just wait" Cox

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Moms Day, Momma!! I HEART you!

I made my Mom a movie for Moms Day! Here it is! Sis helped - but only a tad...

-CoCo "Call me a star" Cox

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just anudda few days in the life...

Well, It's finally warming up!! Sis and I go to the Poopsy Park EVWY day!! Some weeks we can't go cause the grass is taller than me and the skeeters always bite my noggin. Sis says she doesn't understand why they mow the big poopsy park, but not the little poopsy park. Sis barely let's me in the big park cause she says those big pups could hult me...I don't know why she thinks that. I am a big girl and I am tough, too...

Got my polka dots on at the poopsy palk...
Keep Out!! Even in sequins I rule the neighborhood.

It's Easter I wanted to dress up.
CoCo "lets go to the palk" Cox

Monday, March 15, 2010

I've been VEWY, VEWY sick...

Welp, it's official. I have awwergies. Sis has been making me go to that Doctor non stop. I sure do like her, though. Her name is Dr. Cathy and she is at Town and Country Animal Clinic on HWY 10 (sis said I should give her a plug). She said all my sniffles, gurgles, nose whistles, sneezes, and coughs were cause I am 'wergic to sumpin. She said I had to go to the Doctor in Memphis. Med Vet Memphis, Dr. Tina Brown. Hers really nice, too! Sis said she went to LSWho, but that we should forgive her. I said OK. So, we go to Memphis and they gave me this test. They shaved my side and they poked me with needles. I was a very big girl and I didn't even cry. Sis was a mess, though. I thought she was gonna pass out when she learned to give me a shot. I am allergic to a LOT of stuff. But, mostly to wool, feather, and human dander. Sis said she would get rid of all the sweaters and down comfortors and all that but she wasn't getting rid of her! Can you believe I am awwergic to my Sis?! I'm awwergic to you, too! I start taking awwergy shots in a week. We will see how that goes...
So this is what it looks like to get the allergy hults.
Did is my in my Sheep PJS resting when it was over...

I didn't feel good, here.
CoCo "sniff, cough, whistle" Cox

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Been busy, but here are some pics I found!

Sis has been back to travelin like crazy. Sorry it's been a while. Here are some pics she says she found. She doesn't let me work the camera...only the computer so I can type my blog. I hope you like my blog. I do!
This was my Halloween dress...
Mom made me this sweater, too. It's fuzzy and makes me look like a chubby bunny!!
CoCo "chubby bunny" Cox

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's New Years..and Cold! Burrrrr...

Well, I got through the holidays and man is it cold! I'm gonna start this New Year out RIGHT! Here are a few of my new favorite things...and one that I am not too fond of...
Momma made me this pink dress. I didn't want to wear I kinda took it off. She won't notice..
On those cold, blistery afternoons, I just curl up with a book, the remote, and of course, my Snuggie..

I got a big girl bed! Yep. I sure did! I love it so much and I like to lay in it and chew on my Kong, too!! Sis told me it was here doll bed when she was a little girl and that she kept it just for me, cause she knew one day she would know just the right person for it. It was me!
CoCo "I'm a big girl, now" Cox