Monday, April 21, 2008

Peanut Butter STEEKS!!!!

Guess who got PEANUT BUTTER STEEKS?! ME!!!! I LOVE them very much! Sis brought them to me! They are REALLY good! I got to reach in and grab my own out of the bag!! When Sis wasn't looking, I took them ALL!!! YUMMY! She took most of them back and said more than 1 would spoil my dinner! Phhhhffffft!

I had on this pretty new red polka dot dress! Here I am!!

I took it off so I could eat my steeks! I am NAKED!!! WHOO HOO!

CoCo "Red Is My Signature Color" Cox

Spring Is Here! Guess Who Is SUPER Excited?!

Spring is here and I am SO excited! I want Sis to take me out to walk alllll day long! She makes me wait until "it is time". There should be more "times"!!! My Aunt Dixie has a backyard that I like a whole lot! I went and played there a little while ago! She has CATS! I don't know what those are, but they sure look silly to me! They don't talk like me either! One cat didn't like me at all. One kinda did! I chased both of them even though Sis was sorta nervous. She always is. She said that cat could scratch me and make me cry. I don't think so!! I don't know how to use the phone, but my Sis calls me and so does my Mom. I know how to listen. If I could dial the number, I would call my Aunt Dixie and ask if I could come back over and lay out and run in her back yard! She even has a "poopsy door" that is just my size! I would probably rather stay out there, though! Her yard also has a famous tree! Sis told me so. It has a cat that just appeared on the trunk. It is better than toast with someones image on it, dontcha think?? I promise it's famous! It's on Ebay!

Here I am getting my summer clothes on for a fun day at Aunt Dixies!! Shhhhh I'm napping so I won't be tired when I go!!!

-CoCo "I HEART 1 CAT" Cox

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Went On My First Vacation!

Sis had a BIG meeting in Dallas, TX a little while back and I got to go with her! I was a big, big girl! I like to travel! We went to Dallas and I got to stay in a hotel. Sis said something about it being a Roach Coach, but I didnt see anything like that! The beds were low to the ground and I was big enough to jump off them! I was so happy! Sis went to dinner and she let me stay there all by myself! I am a BIG girl! She went over the rules with me first. No eating anything I found on the floor or behind the bed. No friends over. No opening the door to anyone. Most important she said, NO PARTIES!!!
I was a pretty good girl! Sis got home and found me with my friends. They were there when she left! She is SOOOOO silly! I'll never tell if I had a party! I even got my own room key! Here we are!

The very next day, we did what everyone does when they go to Dallas. We shopped! I got a few little things, but not much. Sis says she was disappointed. Whatever. I was pooped. It was cold and windy. I hid and napped in Sis' sleeve on her hoody. Here I am. It was the perfect fit!

-CoCo "Cocoon" Cox

Thursday, April 3, 2008

CoCo Bean in Arkansas Business!!

CoCo Bean Cox gets a little mention in Arkansas Business. Thanks, guys!

Read the article, here:


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Zoo Scoop! New to the Little Rock Zoo!

Hey, animal lovers! I just got an exclusive scoop on the newest animal at the Little Rock Zoo. A 20 foot reticulated python made her home at the Zoo Friday and one of my favorite friends was there to film her arrival. This video shows three zookeepers and a snake handler from Jonesboro unload this beautiful beast. Wow! She’s huge! Plus, you’ll get all the inside scoop from my friend Randall, or “Snakeman,” a reptile keeper at the Little Rock Zoo. I’ll have to admit that I’m a little scared of this newest addition to the Zoo. She could eat me for a snack! But all is good and I’ve made fast friends with this slithery reptile. And guess what? You can give our new friend her new name! The Zoo is taking submissions now. You can pick-up an entry form at the Safari Trader Gift Shop or get the online form at

20 Foot Reticulated Python Arrives at the LR Zoo from Jeff Dailey on Vimeo.

I think I can take that snake! I can wrangle it up! Here I am practicing! Take me to the Zoo!

-CoCo "I can take the snake" Cox