Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Probiotics? What are they? Are they good for me? What's best?

I have allergies pretty bad. I few years ago I went to the Vet to have allergy testing and found I was allergic to a number of things. The 3 main allergies were to Human Dander (that's my sis :), feathers (that's Sis' bed, pillows, blankeys), & wool. I am also allergic to most grasses, plants, and trees in my hometown. I began taking allergy shots every 10 days. Eventually, I got that to once a week. About 2 years into these treatments I began to take my allergy meds orally - based on a study of a bear located in a zoo in the US. Pretty cool stuff - and who likes shots? Recently, I have had tummy problems. About once a week, I have bad 'potty's' and my tummy rumbles and growls. It makes me feel awful. My Vet thinks it's allergies, again. My diet has been ruled out as the culprit - because my Sis is so strict about what I can eat (wish I could have table food!). My Vet recommended I start taking PROBIOTICS. Sis says she has taken them in the past, so I say why not give it a try! So here we are. My Sis researched and asked questions to everyone she could find. The nice people at emailed her about a product called Nusentia Probiotic Miracle. This is Probiotics for dogs and digestive enzymes that help to reduce the amount of bad bacteria and toxins in my body. They are ranked #1, too. Over the next few weeks, my blogs will be about my journey with probiotics in my diet. Join me :)
CoCo "my tummy gwowls" Cox