Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Totally Turkey and Holiday Madness!

I hope you guys have been sitting on the edges of your seats for this well anticipated blog. Great things come to those who wait. I, of course, would know nothing about that. This blog will be pretty lengthy cause it has been a minute since I posted. We have all been busy! What can I say?!
It all started pretty innocently the night before Turkey Day. I was minding my own business, having myself a little piece of dried sweet potato. I LOVE these! You should try them! They are "Human Tested"!
The next Morning, as I was sorta still in my sleep clothes, my MOM got this crazy idea. You can see what I thought of it when I heard.Mom decided I should start practicing to be a "Rockette." You know! The ones that kick their legs up really high and all live in NYC! Sis says the look on my face when Mom started making me learn is stolen right from her very own. She says this is one of her "signature looks."
On the FIRST try I kicked my leg up REALLLY high! Mom and Sis just couldn't believe it. Looks like I may have an audition in NYC soon! Look at the ease on my face. What did they think? My long legs were made for kick lines!

Sis took a rare picture with me cause it was actually Turkey Day. I am not sure why they call it that. I haven't seen any Turkey, yet. Sis wouldn't stay in her nice clothes at all. As soon as Chief was gone, she was back to flip flops, hat and a Tshirt. What else is there?Let me tell you. It's TURKEY day. It's TURKEY day! I GOT NO TURKEY! NONE! I was forced to eat my everyday food! Thankful? For this? I suppose my disgust is written all over my face, here. Friday was the BIG day. It was the day the Razorbacks BEAT the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE NATION! They are called LSU. Sis calls them LS-WHO? She wants our Coach to leave. On Monday he did. She was really, really happy. It was SUPER cold, too. I wore Razorback Red Fleece Warm Up suit for the game. I went to Mom's cause Sis went to a party where I could easily get into trouble. Mom and I actually WATCHED the game! I say who needs a good Bowl Game when you can beat the best at their own home field?! Too bad we couldn't win anything on our home field all season.

Saturday it was SUPER cold, too. It was icky and raining. If you remember, I got a new raincoat. Sis wouldn't let me wear it. Well guess what? She finally let me! It's purple with hearts and it's kinda slickery! I like it. I know you do too.Today, after braving the rain AND the Waffle House, Mom put up Sis' tree - while Sis Supervised. They picked out a cool ornament for me to have on my First Christmas. I hung it in the VERY front of the big ole tree! It doesn't match anything on there! It just sticks out! That is why it is in the perfect place!Well, I gotta go. This has been a long one! There is still decorating to be done and I have spied a reindeer over there with my name on it....

CoCo "Turkey, Turkey" Cox

Monday, November 19, 2007

There must be something in the water...

In an unprecedented act, CoCo has decided NOT to blog today. She feels she needs to gather the thoughts for her Turkey Day blog. According to media sources, she was unavailable for pictures and had only one comment. "Bring on the Turkey, Turkey! What ever that is!" until further notice - like a day, CoCo will leave you with a wide array of past pictures - never viewed on this blog before.

Editors Note: She may be a little upset that no one has left her a comment this week. Wink...

When they don't pay attention to her, she scratches her own back. She would never admit this, though.

Sometimes, just for fun, she likes to wear her Sis' hats. Today, she wore this little trucker number. It's only a tad big...She also enjoys taking her own legs OUT of her warmup suits. Don't be fooled at the somewhat embarrassed look on her face. She is, however the most smiling poopsy we have all ever met. Here she is wide eyed and chuckling, now!- CoCo's Blog For the Day Editor

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bath Time and Attack of the Kisses!

It's been a really busy week. That is what Sis says. She is leaving town again on Thursday to work in PA. Then she comes home to see me for like 10 hours and flies back out to Boston. She sure does LOVE it there. She goes all the time!
I got a brand new raincoat. Guess what?! It rained today! Sis wouldn't let me go outside OR put it on. She said she didn't have one and she didn't want to get wet. How mean!!

I took a bath this morning - Mom gave me one. She said I was stinky and that it was gonna be really cold for the rest of the week. I think it was really cold when I got out of the bath! I cuddled up in my blanket to stay warm!
Once I was dry, I got to wear one of my new Birthday presents. It was a blue shirt. I also got to play attack of the kisses with Sis. I love this game! She doesn't like it as much!

Sis said NOT to put a picture of her looking this bad and playing this game on my blog. I did it anyway. HA!

-Coco "I'm a Rebel - but a clean one" Cox

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sheesh! The Week is Almost Over!

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I was pooped. My Birthday kinda took it all outta me. Sis and Mom said it was proly cause I didn't eat any of my food. Only cookies and treats. Even today I have been a little bit sluggish. Today, we only walked to the end of the road. That is a 1/2 mile. Usually, I like to go twice as far.

Sis says we had to get away from the office and get some stuff done. She said there wasn't a dish or a piece of clothing (mainly mine) in the house that was clean. 'Cept my bowls of course! I stayed busy seperating the colors from the whites - or mixing them up - whatever I felt like. When Sis caught me, I got to ride in my new pouch for the rest of the day. I got it for my Birthday! I like it, but sometimes I loose my stick in there and Sis has to find it for me!!

After we finished getting stuff clean, I got to play with my STICK! I love my stick! I carry it lots of places and chew on it all the time - especially when someone...MOM - forgets to pack my Kong back up when it's time for me to go back home to Sis' house. I have a hood on my grey sweatshirt and sometimes I like to wear it! Sis' house is like an ice box - remember? You could hang meat in there! Soooo I wore my hood and played with my stick!

I tell ya. Sis is home this weekend, but she is gonna walk with some Dinosaurs. Don't know what that means but she says they would scare me. I don't believe her. I am gonna spend the night with Mom. The Hogs play tomorrow morning and I gotta have a good seat to root them on!

Woo Pig!
-CoCo "Where's My Stick?!" Cox

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's My Birthday and I'll Sleep if I Want Too!

Yipee!!! it's finally here. My very first birthday. I didn't sleep too much last night because I was soooo excited..not knowing what to's just all too new to me. I was pretty lazy this morning and didn't want to do anything except sleep. Then mom gave me my Birthday PeanutButter Sucker and I got pretty excited. I've never had peanut butter before...I like it!!

My friends wanted a piece of my Sucker, but I said "NO WAY!" then Mom took it away from me so my tummy didn't hurt. Oh well, I still got Kong back!

See my pictures in my birthday dress and bow and my new fur coat. I really like them a lot. As you can see I'm pretty cute wearing them! Sis says I have to wait another whole year to have a birthday again...darn...I like this birthday thing.

I LOVE my new coat! It is furry and has pearl buttons! It also has a bow!

Sometimes ya need a little Friend to lean on when you've had all that "cake"! My tummy is FULL!

I had a whole guest list of friends. Here is our picture! I HATE dogs and cats. I don't like most people either. I didn't invite any cause of that! So I had all my other buds along. If you didn't make the list, better luck next year! I got lots of cards from Humans, so I guess next time I will have to add them! Thanks everyone!

Well, the day's not over yet so I may have another post. I got some birthday cards and gifts and I'm a happy girl.

On this day in History - My Birthday - November 6, 2006
2006 ... "My Love" by Justin Timberlake featuring T.I.
Sally Field turns 61 today. (She is OLD!)

1860 - Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States.

2006 - Saddam Hussein is sentenced to death by hanging. He is found guilty of crimes against humanity for the execution of 148 Shiite men and boys from the town of Dujail.

I am a Scorpio. I don't have a clue what that is! Here is my horrorscope of the day!!

Scorpio October 23 - November 21
Ah, the elusive steak bone. What makes you frantic for it may be subliminal, but the trigger is completely overt. Your owner has only herself to blame if she leaves it within reach.

I also got to actually TYPE my first blog on my own today! Here I go - tell me what you think!!

mjmngbkufvcccccchjcvvv/ jlutgedeey7 jjkmbuggggggtgtt fddf;';b bvtgol;.

I think I should let Mom type. I don't know how to SPELL!!

More later! I need a nap!

-CoCo "I am pooped" Cox

Monday, November 5, 2007

1 day and counting!! I am almost 1!!

It's one more day and counting! Today, I got to go on a LONG drive with Sis and Mom. We went to run some errands and Mom had to take back some of my Birthday presents cause they were icky. The mail came and I had my very first package that was delivered to ME! It was from Sis' best buddy Lindsey Vuolo and her little man Diesel!! You all know who she is! She is Diesel's MOM! D-Man is my friend! They sent me a Birthday present! I LOVED it! See the pic below to see what it was! Sis let me open it early, cause she says she knew what it was and it would be one of my favorites! It is!!!

Here is my new shirt! I LOVE it! It has a skull on it and Sis says this one is Rock and Roll!

Sis says this is one of the best pics ever! She says she has never seen me frown and that I am doing that here! I don't know what a frown is, but I don't think I like it!

Sis said I needed to work on my "Abs" cause this new shirt is a "belly shirt". Here I am doing my crunches!!

This is Diesel! We call him D-man for short! I LOVE him and I haven't even met him yet! Sis says he likes to chew on her ankles!

This is Lindz! You already know that, though! She lives in Greece! Sis says she's coming home for good in a week! I like her and we have the same job, too!

I hope I get some comments for my Birthday! That would be super cool!!!

-CoCo (I'm about to be a big girl) Cox

Friday, November 2, 2007

Thank Goodness it's Friday! TGIF

TGIF! If you mix up the letters it spells "GIFT"!!! Does that mean I get to go to PetSmart and get a toy? My B-Day is sooooo sooon!! Friday is finally here. It's been a hard week for this tired little puppy. Getting sis home from the mansion and then practicing for my Halloween Party with mom and then all those Trick or Treaters! Boy am I tired!

I went on a long, long walk today. Mom let me wear my "winter ski coat" cause it was really nippy. I could sorta see my own breath! I feel really big in this coat! It has patches on it, too! I LOVE it! Sis and Mom picked it out! It has a hood, too - but they said it wasn't that cold!!

I'm going home with mom to stay for the weekend. That's always good cause she likes to spoil me!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Day After.......Halloween Times 2!

I survived my very first Halloween! Mom took me to a party at the "Bop Club". She dressed in a jailbird outfit as Paris Hilton and I went as Tinkerbell. I still say.."Damn that Tinkerbell..that bitch has everything!" We had fun and everyone loved me. I did NOT like it when Mom wanted to dance. When she wasn't looking, I sneaked over to a cupcake, just to see what it was - but she caught me, first. Darn! Then, after the contest which we did not win (I think it was rigged), Mom took me to sis's house where the Trick or Treaters were still coming strong. I tried to scare away all those Trick or Treaters - but they really scared me!! They wouldn't let me have that human candy but I did get a treat from my own personal stash!

Today I'm just resting and begging for sis to hold me while she works. If she moves from her chair, I get to be in charge! We ran errands and I got to go riding. That is one of my favorite things to do!

Nap Time!