Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Toes are FREEEEZIN!

I have had to take a small blog break. Sis has been outta town, which totally makes me mad, and Mom has been workin hard! I do have some news, though!
I don't know about where you live, but here it is FREEZING! Sis' house is like a meat locker as we have discussed before. I stay under the covers or on the heat vent ALL day. Sis opens an envelope now and uses bad words cause she says she never used to have to keep it this warm. I still say it's TOO COLD! When we go out, I get to wear my new coats! This one is from Sis' Pop and Sheri. It is a Chanel Jacket. It is PINK! I got great presents from them!!

Before I leave the office to run errands with Sis, I have to sit in the Commander in Chief Chair, just to make sure everyone else knows who is boss! They laugh at me sometimes, but I don't know why! This is my fur collar coat with pink hearts! LOVES it!

Sometimes, when MOM isn't around, Sis let's me wear my Playboy Coat. I know you all know I was a bunny last October! Sometimes Mom says it isn't appropriate attire. So What. I like to wear it and my SIS lets me!

To the Left, to the left...

To the Right, to the right...In other news, Sis almost freaked out last week. She said someone stole my TOE! I know, I know! I got scared, too! It doesn't hurt, though! Sis is still ranting and raving and using bad words about it. She told Mom she can't understand how 3 of my Doctors NEVER noticed it! (I wonder how Mom and Sis never noticed it, too. I don't ask, though!) Sis says my toe is probably on some pretty lucky persons keychain as a "Good Luck Charm". I guess. She said I was still perfect, though! Here is my foot with my missing toe! Who woulda thought??!

Kong is calling my name! Gotta Go! Til Next Time!

-CoCo "Who Stole My Toe" Cox

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Years Eve and 2008

It is the New Year and I am getting a great start on being slow to post! Here is a short and quick one! More to come, soon!

Sis went to Zoo Years Eve at the Little Rock Zoo for New Years. She let me have a sleepover at Mom's! We planned a big party! Here was my dress!

Here I am from the FRONT:

Here's this hot mama from the BACK:

I was gonna get some ginger ale and everything - BUT I fell asleep at 8:30. I did get up to go potty around 1am. I still missed it all!

Stay tuned cause I have BIG, BIG news coming soon!

CoCo "I wear sequins" Cox

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Santa came to see me!

Welp! He came! He really did! Santa came down my chimney and left me everything I asked for! 'Cept that really expensive dress that Sis said I couldn't have anyway! Sorry I haven't been blogging lately - but I have been playing with all my new stuff and Sis has been playing her Wii!
Here we go....
Santa brought me a stocking with LOTS of stuff in it!! Here I am getting my sticks out of the bag! I wanted to drag ALL of them out to make sure nobody tried to sneak one!
I stuck my whole body in the bag to make sure none were hiding in there!
I also got this YUMMY bone!
Here is some of the stuff that was in my Stocking! Look at my new toys!Santa got me some more dried Sweet Potatoes, too. Mom said I couldn't have any - but I snuck some here!Santa brought me a new KONG! Sis said it was cause I always left my other one at Moms! Now I have 2!! YAY!I had to get ready to go see Pop, Sheri, Julie, and David. Here I wore my Christmas Dress!When I got home from Christmas there, I couldn't hold my eyes open! I napped, but don't tell anyone!I got LOTS and LOTS of toys and clothes at my second Christmas! I will write a whole nother blog about that later this week! I did get this neat pair of Jammies! Sis and Mom both say these are the cutest ones I have! I like them, they are warm!Here they are again!Talk soon!
CoCo "I have sheep on me" Cox