Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CoCo’s Call to Conservation - CoCo Cox NEW Animal Ambassador to the LR Zoo!!

Friday is leap day and one of my first duties as an official ambassador for the Little Rock Zoo is to tell you all about an important conservation effort of accredited zoos across the country. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) has declared 2008 the Year of the Frog. You probably didn’t know that our little amphibian friends are in danger of extinction. Climate change, loss of habitat, and a deadly virus are all contributing to the decimation of our slimy but lovable amphibian friends. But, there are things you can do to help! CoCo’s Call to Conservation this month is to help amphibians in our backyard. I have made it my personal pledge to not bark, chase, or harm any amphibians I see in my yard. There’s a lot you can do, too! Check-out these tips:

• Create amphibian friendly environments by providing clean water, hiding places, and insects to eat.
Prime amphibian real estate includes leaf litter, rocks, logs, and a source of water - backyard ponds make a great family project!

• Don’t pollute.
Do your part to keep garbage and chemicals out of the natural environment. Amphibians absorb chemicals through their skin easily.

• Reduce the use of fossil fuels, such as oil, coal and natural gas.
Climate change is impacting amphibian populations worldwide. By using less energy or choosing renewable sources of energy, you can help slow the rate of climate change. Drive less, buy fuel-efficient cars, and use compact fluorescent light bulbs!

To learn more and to pledge to be a Friend to Frogs, visit
Here I am with "FROG". He was my very first friend to play with! I like it when he ribbits!!

-CoCo "I can ribbit, too" Cox

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Weekend ROCKED! Yours?

It isn't very often I get to spend the whole weekend with my Sis. I was just SO excited! I missed my Mom a little, though. Sis took me to see her on Sunday, so that was pretty fun! I thought today would be a great day to blog about my fun weekend with all my cool friends. All I did was play with them! Here we go!

I spy...CRAB!

Found him! YAY!
Sometimes, when no one is looking, I close my eyes and imagine myself with lots and lots of friends like Crab!

This is Frog. He used to be my fav! I still love him, though. He is too big for my crate when we go on rides, though. I still have lots of friends as you can see, here!

I sure hope Crab and the others don't mind, cause I MUST practice my cart wheel. Maybe Sis will let me watch gymnastics on TV so I can get a little help. So far, I have had to learn this on my own!Until Next Time...

CoCo "I WILL get this cartwheel done!" Cox

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day!

I didn't want to wear this dress today. Sissy made me. She says it's too big. All I wanted to do was play. Hard to do in this dress cause I didn't want to get it dirty. I LOVE it! It has hearts on it! Sis says they are real diamonds. I believe her!

I think a Cupid is gonna come and see me. I promise to be on my best behavior! I hope I get some candy - whatever that is! I would be pretty happy with a cookie, though! Well, I am gonna take a nap. Happy Valentines Day!
CoCo "I HEART you if you have Cookies" Cox

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Guess Who Is Back?! Yeah, ME!!!

I know, I know! I let you down! I am back and I am ready to pose and write! Here we go!!

Sis has been outta town but we have been playing hard since she got home! I showed her some new tricks I am working on, and she says I am the best poop ever! I already know that, though!

I have lots of pics this time, so please let me post them and be patient!
I got a new toy! I call him Quack Quack! He makes noise! I like to chew him up!

Quack Quack makes me this happy!!
Even though Mom bought me Quack Quack, I still played Attack of the Kisses with my Sis! I won!
Sis says this is my "Nightclub Look!"I started showing Sis my new trick I am trying to learn. I tried it from this side first...
Then I tried it from this side! As you can see by the smile on my face, it is definetely easier from this side!

I've almost got it! I almost can do a Cart Wheel! Told you I was working on a new trick!I haven't perfected my cartwheel, yet - BUT I was pretty pooped. Time to take a nap!Before I go, I hope you will do ONE thing for me! PLEASE GO VOTE! You know who I like, but Sis says I am not old enough yet to go to the polls!

-CoCo "Yeah, I Rock the Cartwheel" Cox