Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Weekend ROCKED! Yours?

It isn't very often I get to spend the whole weekend with my Sis. I was just SO excited! I missed my Mom a little, though. Sis took me to see her on Sunday, so that was pretty fun! I thought today would be a great day to blog about my fun weekend with all my cool friends. All I did was play with them! Here we go!

I spy...CRAB!

Found him! YAY!
Sometimes, when no one is looking, I close my eyes and imagine myself with lots and lots of friends like Crab!

This is Frog. He used to be my fav! I still love him, though. He is too big for my crate when we go on rides, though. I still have lots of friends as you can see, here!

I sure hope Crab and the others don't mind, cause I MUST practice my cart wheel. Maybe Sis will let me watch gymnastics on TV so I can get a little help. So far, I have had to learn this on my own!Until Next Time...

CoCo "I WILL get this cartwheel done!" Cox


Anonymous said...

How much fun you must be having you spoiled little girl!

Anonymous said...

COCO- I am confident that you will master the cartwheel!!! I have faith in you!!!


-Yoli :)

Anonymous said...

Learned how to do that cartwheel, yet?