Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa Baby!

I met Santa today! He's REAL! Sis told me he was, but you know some people don't think so! I saw him fly by at the Parade a few weeks ago, so I knew he was real! Today, I got to go and talk to him and tell him my Christmas List! He was very, very sweet. He was old, too! I wanted to tug on his beard, but they both told me NO!!

Sis didn't want to be in the picture, but Santa thought it would be the best idea! Sis said, NO - but then Santa said he wouldn't leave her anything under the tree, so she said she would. I heard her say some bad words under her breath - I hope Santa didn't hear and think it was me!

I told you last week that I wanted to tell you about my new dress and Rudy! I will tell you about my new dress, first! Sis and Mom got me a Christmas dress to wear in my picture. I like it! It has a big red bow on it too! I have worn it 2 times - but SHhhhhhhh!! Don't tell Santa!

When Sis and Mom started decorating for Christmas, I found Rudy. He was hiding in the bottom of the closet in a box. There were other decorations in it, too. Nothing was nearly as cool as Rudy. I started taking Rudy everywhere I went. Sis wouldn't let me take him to bed cause she said I was the only Varment allowed up there. She also said I would play and not sleep! She was probably right!

One day, I figured out that if I bit on Rudy's Ear he would sing to me! He sang the BEST song! It was called "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"! I am not sure who Rudolph is, but Rudy sure did like to sing about him! I think it is my very favorite! I started squeezing his ear over and over! I taught myself how to do it! I was very excited! Sis was kinda shocked!! After 2 days and a new set of batteries, Sis started taking the batteries out. She only let me get Rudy to sing for like 30 minutes a day. I was OK with that, but I wish I could get him to sing all day long! The very next day, He broke. Sis says I bit his ear too hard. All I know is his red nose stopped lighting up, and he stopped singing to me.

I was a very sad girl. I moped for the whole day. I didn't even get out of my bed. Finally, that night, when the moon was out, Sis loaded me up and we went on a mission. We went to all these stores trying to find a new Rudy. Store 1 - no Rudy. Store 2 - No Rudy. Store 3 - No Rudy. Store 4 - No Rudy. Sis started to panic, cause I was so sad. She found me a Marty Moose that sang Marty Moose! Marty Moose! I hated it. She found me a Santa that played drums! YUCK. All I wanted was Rudy. Finally, I settled on Mountian Man. He sings some song that says "Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, everyone wants Silver and Gold." I like that song. Sis is rolling her eyes. She can't figure out where it came from. She said it makes her crazy. She also says she can't figure out how to take the batteries out of it! Guess what? I figured out how to turn it ON!! He sings to me all day! Sis isn't happy about that. I would show you a picture, but Sis says Mountian Man had a sleepover at Mom's house. She said he would be home tomorrow!

I FINALLY got my picture made with Santa! He REALLY liked me! I told I had been really, really good alllll year! I didn't want to sit on his lap, but I got to tell him my Christmas List! Sis told him she would add it here, too. Just in case he forgot something. He made Sis get in the pic. She said she wasn't going to argue with him cause he may not leave her anything under the tree! I have to agree with her there!After we were done with Santa, I thanked Sis for taking me. I won Attack of the Kisses. Can you tell?

Sis wanted me to take a few Pics in my Christmas Dress. Here. Here is my new Dress, and my best friend Rudy!This is my best friend Rudy! We like to play and sing! He can't sing to me anymore!Sis says Rudy can't sing anymore cause I bit him like this! He used to sing when I did this! Now he won't. I sure hope I can hear Rudy sing again, soon. Sis said that would be as likely as her hitting the lottery in the next week. I don't know what that means, but I am going to ask Santa anyway. Here is my letter to Santa. It isn't very big. I already have SO much! So Santa, here you go! Just like you asked!

Dear Santa,

I love you! Can you please help Rudy sing again? I like Mountian Man - but I LOVE Rudy! I have lots of toys and clothes so I will be short and sweet (I am already short and sweet)...

1. Kong Ziggies for Puppies
2. Squid
3. Holiday Swarovski Spectacular Dress (MOM AND SIS SAY NO WAY!)
4. Pink Cloud Cuddle Cup
5. Collar
6. Harness
7. Skull Harness

Sis says I don't need anything! But, I figured it can't hurt to ask!

-CoCo "I want it all" Cox

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I got a tree and it is little like me!

I have a whole lot to blog about! I don't have much time cause Sis is headed out of town, AGAIN. She says I better miss her cause I am stuck with her til New Years! I think I will be just fine. I want to tell you about my friend Rudy. I also want to tell you about pictures with Santa, my very first Holiday Hooty Hoo Party, and of course my new dress but Sis says I have to wait til next week cause that one is gonna be a real good one! I will tell you about my week, instead.

Sis went out of town on Thursday and she told Mom I had done nothing but sleep. Mom thought I was not feeling well so I had to go to the Doctor. YUCK! I was a very sick girl. I have a UTI. Whatever that is. I have to take this bubble gum medicine in a dropper 2 times a day for 10 whole days. Sis says it's pure sugar, I don't know what sugar is cause I have never tasted it. I HATE that medicine. I am almost half way done, though. Today, I feel better than I have in a week.

Sis and Mom put up the Christmas Trees at Sis' house to get ready for her party. I got one too! I am really, really excited about this Christmas thing! Well, I am gonna go, but here is the rest 0f my week!
As you can see, I was vewy, vewy sick. I wore my jammies all day and night. All I wanted to do was cuddle. NOT get my stupid picture made!
Mom had to hold me down to force me to take that bubblegum medicine. I think it was YICK. Sis liked it! She said Yummy! Mom gives me a cookie when I am done, though - so it isn't too bad.

I sure was trying to feel better. But I just didn't. I felt like pooh!Mom said I really needed to shake it off. She said I needed to get outta my jammies and into a sweater! I felt bad still, so she let me have breakfast in bed! I kinda like this treatment!The next day, I felt even better! Sis friend Julie Brearley brought me a mitten toy for this Christmas thing. It squeeks! I LIKE it A LOT! It made me feel better!!!Sis let me have my very OWN tree! It is little like me! I put lights and some trains on it! I can't reach it cause it's on the counter, but I can see it! I think I did pretty good at decorating it!Here is Sis' Trees. I know you don't like them as much as mine, but I thought you may want to see.

Big Tree:Skinny Tree:

-CoCo "I like breakfast in bed" Cox

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I saw Santa Claus!!

I don't know what Sis was thinking. She took me to my first Christmas Parade. Her friends were judging the floats and the bands. We went and sat with them. Sis packed up all the good stuff like KONG. Luckily, she packed my coat, too. It got realllllly windy!

There were lots of floats and animals that walked by. There were also lots of High School Marching Bands. I HATED those. They hurt my ears! I LOVED the animals, though! But I really LOVED Santa and the sleigh!
Here are some horsees. Nope. No Santa here.
You can see me lookin for him and his reindeer! I thought this was him! I got all excited! It was just a stoopid cow. Dressed up yelling - "Eat More Chicken!" - I don't even know what Chicken is!

Then, like 2 whole hours later - he came. He was there! He flew right by me in his sleigh! Sis whispered in my ear to look! I did!There he is! He is in the sleigh and he had his reindeer flying it, too! Sis said I had to wait til Saturday to go to sit on Santa's lap. She said I could tell him what I wanted, then. I have been a really GOOD girl. I bet I get everything I ask for!

It was getting dark. Sis and I were cold. Even my pink fur collar wasn't keeping me warm. Sis wanted everyone to know the following: I was scared to death of the loud drums and the bands. She also says she had to walk away with me when they came. She has no pictures of them, but I don't care. She said her High School won for best marching band. Sooooo. She also said that she didn't get many pics of the cool floats cause I kept wanting to walk around and see stuff.

On a sad note, I stepped on 2 thorns. They got in my hand and foot. I didn't cry too much. Just a little cause I am a big girl. Sis scooped me up and got them out really quick. I over heard her telling the judges that she thought I had gotten a hold of a crack pipe since we were in the downtown area...and not the best part at that. I don't know what any of that means, but I know this, the thorns hurt me really bad and after that happened, my feet didn't touch the ground for the rest of the day.

-CoCo "light on my toes" Cox