Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I saw Santa Claus!!

I don't know what Sis was thinking. She took me to my first Christmas Parade. Her friends were judging the floats and the bands. We went and sat with them. Sis packed up all the good stuff like KONG. Luckily, she packed my coat, too. It got realllllly windy!

There were lots of floats and animals that walked by. There were also lots of High School Marching Bands. I HATED those. They hurt my ears! I LOVED the animals, though! But I really LOVED Santa and the sleigh!
Here are some horsees. Nope. No Santa here.
You can see me lookin for him and his reindeer! I thought this was him! I got all excited! It was just a stoopid cow. Dressed up yelling - "Eat More Chicken!" - I don't even know what Chicken is!

Then, like 2 whole hours later - he came. He was there! He flew right by me in his sleigh! Sis whispered in my ear to look! I did!There he is! He is in the sleigh and he had his reindeer flying it, too! Sis said I had to wait til Saturday to go to sit on Santa's lap. She said I could tell him what I wanted, then. I have been a really GOOD girl. I bet I get everything I ask for!

It was getting dark. Sis and I were cold. Even my pink fur collar wasn't keeping me warm. Sis wanted everyone to know the following: I was scared to death of the loud drums and the bands. She also says she had to walk away with me when they came. She has no pictures of them, but I don't care. She said her High School won for best marching band. Sooooo. She also said that she didn't get many pics of the cool floats cause I kept wanting to walk around and see stuff.

On a sad note, I stepped on 2 thorns. They got in my hand and foot. I didn't cry too much. Just a little cause I am a big girl. Sis scooped me up and got them out really quick. I over heard her telling the judges that she thought I had gotten a hold of a crack pipe since we were in the downtown area...and not the best part at that. I don't know what any of that means, but I know this, the thorns hurt me really bad and after that happened, my feet didn't touch the ground for the rest of the day.

-CoCo "light on my toes" Cox


Yoli said...

It was soooo much fun that day! Glad you were there to join us!!!

-Yoli :)

Lindsey said...

ur such a coooool dog

Anonymous said...

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