Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Totally Turkey and Holiday Madness!

I hope you guys have been sitting on the edges of your seats for this well anticipated blog. Great things come to those who wait. I, of course, would know nothing about that. This blog will be pretty lengthy cause it has been a minute since I posted. We have all been busy! What can I say?!
It all started pretty innocently the night before Turkey Day. I was minding my own business, having myself a little piece of dried sweet potato. I LOVE these! You should try them! They are "Human Tested"!
The next Morning, as I was sorta still in my sleep clothes, my MOM got this crazy idea. You can see what I thought of it when I heard.Mom decided I should start practicing to be a "Rockette." You know! The ones that kick their legs up really high and all live in NYC! Sis says the look on my face when Mom started making me learn is stolen right from her very own. She says this is one of her "signature looks."
On the FIRST try I kicked my leg up REALLLY high! Mom and Sis just couldn't believe it. Looks like I may have an audition in NYC soon! Look at the ease on my face. What did they think? My long legs were made for kick lines!

Sis took a rare picture with me cause it was actually Turkey Day. I am not sure why they call it that. I haven't seen any Turkey, yet. Sis wouldn't stay in her nice clothes at all. As soon as Chief was gone, she was back to flip flops, hat and a Tshirt. What else is there?Let me tell you. It's TURKEY day. It's TURKEY day! I GOT NO TURKEY! NONE! I was forced to eat my everyday food! Thankful? For this? I suppose my disgust is written all over my face, here. Friday was the BIG day. It was the day the Razorbacks BEAT the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE NATION! They are called LSU. Sis calls them LS-WHO? She wants our Coach to leave. On Monday he did. She was really, really happy. It was SUPER cold, too. I wore Razorback Red Fleece Warm Up suit for the game. I went to Mom's cause Sis went to a party where I could easily get into trouble. Mom and I actually WATCHED the game! I say who needs a good Bowl Game when you can beat the best at their own home field?! Too bad we couldn't win anything on our home field all season.

Saturday it was SUPER cold, too. It was icky and raining. If you remember, I got a new raincoat. Sis wouldn't let me wear it. Well guess what? She finally let me! It's purple with hearts and it's kinda slickery! I like it. I know you do too.Today, after braving the rain AND the Waffle House, Mom put up Sis' tree - while Sis Supervised. They picked out a cool ornament for me to have on my First Christmas. I hung it in the VERY front of the big ole tree! It doesn't match anything on there! It just sticks out! That is why it is in the perfect place!Well, I gotta go. This has been a long one! There is still decorating to be done and I have spied a reindeer over there with my name on it....

CoCo "Turkey, Turkey" Cox


Yolanda said...

Hey CoCo! Sounds like you had a great Turkey Day Weekend!

-Yoli :)

Aunt Brenda said...

Coco - I saw 2 pieces of food put out for you - you're never going to be a BIG girl unless you eat more - and what abt those leg kicks - you've gotta have strength to do those - just ask your Mom.

Aunt Brenda said...

I wish I had her wardrobe!