Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sheesh! The Week is Almost Over!

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I was pooped. My Birthday kinda took it all outta me. Sis and Mom said it was proly cause I didn't eat any of my food. Only cookies and treats. Even today I have been a little bit sluggish. Today, we only walked to the end of the road. That is a 1/2 mile. Usually, I like to go twice as far.

Sis says we had to get away from the office and get some stuff done. She said there wasn't a dish or a piece of clothing (mainly mine) in the house that was clean. 'Cept my bowls of course! I stayed busy seperating the colors from the whites - or mixing them up - whatever I felt like. When Sis caught me, I got to ride in my new pouch for the rest of the day. I got it for my Birthday! I like it, but sometimes I loose my stick in there and Sis has to find it for me!!

After we finished getting stuff clean, I got to play with my STICK! I love my stick! I carry it lots of places and chew on it all the time - especially when someone...MOM - forgets to pack my Kong back up when it's time for me to go back home to Sis' house. I have a hood on my grey sweatshirt and sometimes I like to wear it! Sis' house is like an ice box - remember? You could hang meat in there! Soooo I wore my hood and played with my stick!

I tell ya. Sis is home this weekend, but she is gonna walk with some Dinosaurs. Don't know what that means but she says they would scare me. I don't believe her. I am gonna spend the night with Mom. The Hogs play tomorrow morning and I gotta have a good seat to root them on!

Woo Pig!
-CoCo "Where's My Stick?!" Cox

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Lindsey said...

your hoodie is tight
but that carrier is something else-BRAT!