Friday, November 2, 2007

Thank Goodness it's Friday! TGIF

TGIF! If you mix up the letters it spells "GIFT"!!! Does that mean I get to go to PetSmart and get a toy? My B-Day is sooooo sooon!! Friday is finally here. It's been a hard week for this tired little puppy. Getting sis home from the mansion and then practicing for my Halloween Party with mom and then all those Trick or Treaters! Boy am I tired!

I went on a long, long walk today. Mom let me wear my "winter ski coat" cause it was really nippy. I could sorta see my own breath! I feel really big in this coat! It has patches on it, too! I LOVE it! Sis and Mom picked it out! It has a hood, too - but they said it wasn't that cold!!

I'm going home with mom to stay for the weekend. That's always good cause she likes to spoil me!

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