Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Day After.......Halloween Times 2!

I survived my very first Halloween! Mom took me to a party at the "Bop Club". She dressed in a jailbird outfit as Paris Hilton and I went as Tinkerbell. I still say.."Damn that Tinkerbell..that bitch has everything!" We had fun and everyone loved me. I did NOT like it when Mom wanted to dance. When she wasn't looking, I sneaked over to a cupcake, just to see what it was - but she caught me, first. Darn! Then, after the contest which we did not win (I think it was rigged), Mom took me to sis's house where the Trick or Treaters were still coming strong. I tried to scare away all those Trick or Treaters - but they really scared me!! They wouldn't let me have that human candy but I did get a treat from my own personal stash!

Today I'm just resting and begging for sis to hold me while she works. If she moves from her chair, I get to be in charge! We ran errands and I got to go riding. That is one of my favorite things to do!

Nap Time!

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