Monday, November 19, 2007

There must be something in the water...

In an unprecedented act, CoCo has decided NOT to blog today. She feels she needs to gather the thoughts for her Turkey Day blog. According to media sources, she was unavailable for pictures and had only one comment. "Bring on the Turkey, Turkey! What ever that is!" until further notice - like a day, CoCo will leave you with a wide array of past pictures - never viewed on this blog before.

Editors Note: She may be a little upset that no one has left her a comment this week. Wink...

When they don't pay attention to her, she scratches her own back. She would never admit this, though.

Sometimes, just for fun, she likes to wear her Sis' hats. Today, she wore this little trucker number. It's only a tad big...She also enjoys taking her own legs OUT of her warmup suits. Don't be fooled at the somewhat embarrassed look on her face. She is, however the most smiling poopsy we have all ever met. Here she is wide eyed and chuckling, now!- CoCo's Blog For the Day Editor

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