Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CoCo and Comet's PIRATE Party Extravaganza!

Welp! I turned 2 last week and I had a party! Sis said I should have my party with Comet. He turned one. I am more special cause I am older. Comet and I invited all our friends and we played and played. Our party was at the dog park and boy was it FUN! Bella's mom Julie took lot's of pics. Here are a lot of them!
Here's a part of the party group!
Comet get's his cake and eats it, too!

This is me in my FIERCE dress!
This is Twiggy. Justin is his daddy.
Gotta hide behind Justin. Comet was looking for me.
My new skull jacket!

Sis says you can see more pics are her myspace page. Maybe I can add some more tomorrow!!! She said I could.

CoCo "I HEART Skulls" Cox