Thursday, December 13, 2007

I got a tree and it is little like me!

I have a whole lot to blog about! I don't have much time cause Sis is headed out of town, AGAIN. She says I better miss her cause I am stuck with her til New Years! I think I will be just fine. I want to tell you about my friend Rudy. I also want to tell you about pictures with Santa, my very first Holiday Hooty Hoo Party, and of course my new dress but Sis says I have to wait til next week cause that one is gonna be a real good one! I will tell you about my week, instead.

Sis went out of town on Thursday and she told Mom I had done nothing but sleep. Mom thought I was not feeling well so I had to go to the Doctor. YUCK! I was a very sick girl. I have a UTI. Whatever that is. I have to take this bubble gum medicine in a dropper 2 times a day for 10 whole days. Sis says it's pure sugar, I don't know what sugar is cause I have never tasted it. I HATE that medicine. I am almost half way done, though. Today, I feel better than I have in a week.

Sis and Mom put up the Christmas Trees at Sis' house to get ready for her party. I got one too! I am really, really excited about this Christmas thing! Well, I am gonna go, but here is the rest 0f my week!
As you can see, I was vewy, vewy sick. I wore my jammies all day and night. All I wanted to do was cuddle. NOT get my stupid picture made!
Mom had to hold me down to force me to take that bubblegum medicine. I think it was YICK. Sis liked it! She said Yummy! Mom gives me a cookie when I am done, though - so it isn't too bad.

I sure was trying to feel better. But I just didn't. I felt like pooh!Mom said I really needed to shake it off. She said I needed to get outta my jammies and into a sweater! I felt bad still, so she let me have breakfast in bed! I kinda like this treatment!The next day, I felt even better! Sis friend Julie Brearley brought me a mitten toy for this Christmas thing. It squeeks! I LIKE it A LOT! It made me feel better!!!Sis let me have my very OWN tree! It is little like me! I put lights and some trains on it! I can't reach it cause it's on the counter, but I can see it! I think I did pretty good at decorating it!Here is Sis' Trees. I know you don't like them as much as mine, but I thought you may want to see.

Big Tree:Skinny Tree:

-CoCo "I like breakfast in bed" Cox


Lindsey said...

hope ur feeling better.... and i like ur xmas tree. nice job

Aunt Brenda said...

I wondered why I haven't heard from you - you looked a little sick in your photos! REALLY! You know, you have to get well - Santa is coming and I know he's going to bring you all kinds of new stuff - cause you've been so good - especially taking that bubblegum stuff! Remember, Santa makes a list and chevks it twice - so, you have to be good more than once! Do I need to come to Hot Rocks and hold you?