Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Guess Who Is Back?! Yeah, ME!!!

I know, I know! I let you down! I am back and I am ready to pose and write! Here we go!!

Sis has been outta town but we have been playing hard since she got home! I showed her some new tricks I am working on, and she says I am the best poop ever! I already know that, though!

I have lots of pics this time, so please let me post them and be patient!
I got a new toy! I call him Quack Quack! He makes noise! I like to chew him up!

Quack Quack makes me this happy!!
Even though Mom bought me Quack Quack, I still played Attack of the Kisses with my Sis! I won!
Sis says this is my "Nightclub Look!"I started showing Sis my new trick I am trying to learn. I tried it from this side first...
Then I tried it from this side! As you can see by the smile on my face, it is definetely easier from this side!

I've almost got it! I almost can do a Cart Wheel! Told you I was working on a new trick!I haven't perfected my cartwheel, yet - BUT I was pretty pooped. Time to take a nap!Before I go, I hope you will do ONE thing for me! PLEASE GO VOTE! You know who I like, but Sis says I am not old enough yet to go to the polls!

-CoCo "Yeah, I Rock the Cartwheel" Cox

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Yoli said...

You will have that cartwheel down soon!!!! And yes, I VOTED!!!

-Yoli :)