Thursday, January 3, 2008

Santa came to see me!

Welp! He came! He really did! Santa came down my chimney and left me everything I asked for! 'Cept that really expensive dress that Sis said I couldn't have anyway! Sorry I haven't been blogging lately - but I have been playing with all my new stuff and Sis has been playing her Wii!
Here we go....
Santa brought me a stocking with LOTS of stuff in it!! Here I am getting my sticks out of the bag! I wanted to drag ALL of them out to make sure nobody tried to sneak one!
I stuck my whole body in the bag to make sure none were hiding in there!
I also got this YUMMY bone!
Here is some of the stuff that was in my Stocking! Look at my new toys!Santa got me some more dried Sweet Potatoes, too. Mom said I couldn't have any - but I snuck some here!Santa brought me a new KONG! Sis said it was cause I always left my other one at Moms! Now I have 2!! YAY!I had to get ready to go see Pop, Sheri, Julie, and David. Here I wore my Christmas Dress!When I got home from Christmas there, I couldn't hold my eyes open! I napped, but don't tell anyone!I got LOTS and LOTS of toys and clothes at my second Christmas! I will write a whole nother blog about that later this week! I did get this neat pair of Jammies! Sis and Mom both say these are the cutest ones I have! I like them, they are warm!Here they are again!Talk soon!
CoCo "I have sheep on me" Cox

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