Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Probiotics? What are they? Are they good for me? What's best?

I have allergies pretty bad. I few years ago I went to the Vet to have allergy testing and found I was allergic to a number of things. The 3 main allergies were to Human Dander (that's my sis :), feathers (that's Sis' bed, pillows, blankeys), & wool. I am also allergic to most grasses, plants, and trees in my hometown. I began taking allergy shots every 10 days. Eventually, I got that to once a week. About 2 years into these treatments I began to take my allergy meds orally - based on a study of a bear located in a zoo in the US. Pretty cool stuff - and who likes shots? Recently, I have had tummy problems. About once a week, I have bad 'potty's' and my tummy rumbles and growls. It makes me feel awful. My Vet thinks it's allergies, again. My diet has been ruled out as the culprit - because my Sis is so strict about what I can eat (wish I could have table food!). My Vet recommended I start taking PROBIOTICS. Sis says she has taken them in the past, so I say why not give it a try! So here we are. My Sis researched and asked questions to everyone she could find. The nice people at emailed her about a product called Nusentia Probiotic Miracle. This is Probiotics for dogs and digestive enzymes that help to reduce the amount of bad bacteria and toxins in my body. They are ranked #1, too. Over the next few weeks, my blogs will be about my journey with probiotics in my diet. Join me :)
CoCo "my tummy gwowls" Cox


Susannah Bailey said...

luv that pic of CoCo, luv the collar, even though it's for Arkansas, to me it looks more Alabama, or Georgia, but still luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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