Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guess Who's Back :)

Sure has been awhile since I have posted on my blog. But I am back - for sure :) I thought I would get back into writing by telling you a little bit about me - cause I know some of you are new here. I am CoCo Bean. They say I am 3 pounds of fury. I like my Sis and my Mom and a few others in between - but if I don't know you - LOOK OUT :) I have a mean bark - but not a mean bite. I am 5 years old. Over the years, really nice humans have sent me really cool stuff to wear, play with, eat, and talk about. I use this blog and my facebook page to talk about all this awesome stuff.
Interested in more? Just subscribe to my blog via email by adding it on the right of the screen. If you like a product on my page - use the 'pin it' button so you can find it again. Have a product or treat you would like for me to try? Reach my Sis right here Sister's Email Address. She can tell you how to get it to me and our guidelines for submission. Thanks for reading my blog :)

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susannah bailey said...

hey coco, check out my blog @

CoCo said...

Sure will, Susannah!