Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Went On My First Vacation!

Sis had a BIG meeting in Dallas, TX a little while back and I got to go with her! I was a big, big girl! I like to travel! We went to Dallas and I got to stay in a hotel. Sis said something about it being a Roach Coach, but I didnt see anything like that! The beds were low to the ground and I was big enough to jump off them! I was so happy! Sis went to dinner and she let me stay there all by myself! I am a BIG girl! She went over the rules with me first. No eating anything I found on the floor or behind the bed. No friends over. No opening the door to anyone. Most important she said, NO PARTIES!!!
I was a pretty good girl! Sis got home and found me with my friends. They were there when she left! She is SOOOOO silly! I'll never tell if I had a party! I even got my own room key! Here we are!

The very next day, we did what everyone does when they go to Dallas. We shopped! I got a few little things, but not much. Sis says she was disappointed. Whatever. I was pooped. It was cold and windy. I hid and napped in Sis' sleeve on her hoody. Here I am. It was the perfect fit!

-CoCo "Cocoon" Cox

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Anonymous said...

I get pooped when I shop in Dallas too!

-Yoli :)