Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Zoo Scoop! New to the Little Rock Zoo!

Hey, animal lovers! I just got an exclusive scoop on the newest animal at the Little Rock Zoo. A 20 foot reticulated python made her home at the Zoo Friday and one of my favorite friends was there to film her arrival. This video shows three zookeepers and a snake handler from Jonesboro unload this beautiful beast. Wow! She’s huge! Plus, you’ll get all the inside scoop from my friend Randall, or “Snakeman,” a reptile keeper at the Little Rock Zoo. I’ll have to admit that I’m a little scared of this newest addition to the Zoo. She could eat me for a snack! But all is good and I’ve made fast friends with this slithery reptile. And guess what? You can give our new friend her new name! The Zoo is taking submissions now. You can pick-up an entry form at the Safari Trader Gift Shop or get the online form at

20 Foot Reticulated Python Arrives at the LR Zoo from Jeff Dailey on Vimeo.

I think I can take that snake! I can wrangle it up! Here I am practicing! Take me to the Zoo!

-CoCo "I can take the snake" Cox

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Anonymous said...

Hey COCO!!! I think you can take her!

-Yoli :)