Monday, November 17, 2014

CoCo Bean Cox - Back on the Blog

My apologies for not being present on here for so long. As with lots, we have just been busy, busy, busy. I am hoping to make sure I update here at least once or so weekly. Bare with me while we readjust to being back!

As many of you know, CoCo has been quite the little trooper. She is an extremely healthy dog but has been plagued with allergies for most of her life. After years of modifying her diet, eliminating allergens, and keeping her exercised and healthy, we were able to 'beat' those allergies and she no longer has to take shots. On a rare occasion, she has an allergy tablet, but that is rare.

On November 6, 2014, CoCo Bean celebrated her 8th Birthday. Unfortunately, she also was rushed to the Vet with symptoms that appeared to be stroke-like. She was showing very subtle signs of confusion, vertigo, and slow reflex. She also was not energetic and had trouble walking. It was immediately evident that this was severe. I was told they believed this to be her brain or a neck injury. I had much hope of the neck injury, a brain injury would be devastating.

This was on a Thursday, so they sent CoCo and I home with a steroid and antibiotics and asked me to keep a close watch and call with any updates. Friday was good. I stayed with her and she slept the whole day and night. Saturday she awoke in good spirits and after confiding in “Dr. Google” I decided this was a severe inner-ear infection and we would be great once the medicines were able to work their magic. Saturday evening on the way to bed, CoCo Bean had a seizure – like spell. It scared me to death. I was sure this was the end.

On Sunday, my Mom came into town. CoCo was sleepy and drugged. We watched her all day long. Everyday her appetite was strong and she was perky. Just tired and showing little signs of symptoms other than the seizure – like spell.

Monday, we headed back to the Vet. A nuero – specialist had been called in and anther Vet – other than her primary care Vet, Dr. Cathy Caga. We were determined to get answers. Fifteen minutes later, we had agreed to a CT scan with real time reading and possibly a spinal tap. Within a few hours, a spinal tap was performed.

No definite results. We waited. By Tuesday, we knew one thing. It wasn’t her ear. It wasn’t her neck. It was her brain. Not just one spot, but two. They said rare tumor, a rare type of lymphoma, or some type of GME. Nothing sounded hopeful. By Wednesday we were still waiting and on Thursday afternoon came news. CoCo Bean has GME.

Next up… getting CoCo Bean stable. . .

-CoCo Bean Cox after Spinal Tap. Shaved Neck. She did not cut her hair herself :)

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