Friday, December 26, 2014

CoCo Bean Cox - Update and NEW Treatment

She started feeling really, really well. Then, with the snap of a finger - really, really bad. Seizures started back up and for the first time I could tell she didn't feel good. Met her awesome Vet early this past Saturday morning. She stayed at her home with her until she went to work on Monday. Doc met with the Neurologist and they discussed a chemo type drug and upped the seizure meds. This is/was our last hope, and by Monday eve she was feeling better. They overnighted the meds so she could take the 2 days of treatments before Christmas. Let me say, I didn't think we were going to make it to Christmas. I spoke in detail with her Doc on Monday because I really thought that it was time. We made a decision to try this. It was our last hope, and she was well. I had to. I couldn't think of not knowing.

The meds were overnighted on Monday. We waited all day until late Tuesday and realized they were lost, or stranded somewhere in Kansas. They didn't come on Wednesday. On Friday, they arrived late. She has had one dose of the 4 and is doing great. We have 3 more over the next 2 days.

I did get to bring her home on Tuesday. I decided that most important for her - and me, was to spend as much time with together as we could. She has felt really good, so on Christmas Eve, we spent the day resting and eating. Frozen peanut butter Kongs, a few green beans, bones, her freeze dried pumpkin, and her normal dinners. She had a great day.

Santa visited overnight and left all kinds of goodies in her stocking. She ate just about everything in it. We took a stroll, she shoo-d the birds, and walked a bit when she wasn't riding in her new 'wheels'. Today, after a good car ride and a bark or two at passers by, I 'brought the beach to her' - not the other way around. She is obviously too sick to travel, so we made due with a sand volley ball court here in town. She wasn't that impressed, but she played for a bit :) CoCo loves the beach more than anyplace else. I have just never seen her more happy then when she is there. I am trying to give her every experience I can. Just in case. The last few days have been so very special to me. I missed visiting with my family, but I needed to be here for her.

All of you have been so gracious. So caring and concerned. It's so heartwarming to hear from you all. People I have never met, people I haven't seen in 20 years, and all my closest friends and family. Our Vet's are amazing. Dr. Butner is just the best. Hands down. She cares for CoCo and I trust her. I don't trust anyone other than my Mom with her. CoCo LOVES her - and for those that know CoCo, I know you are quite jealous. Thank you all and Merry Christmas.

The Beach Comes to CoCo Bean

CoCo Bean and her stocking from Santa


Anonymous said...

Blessings to sweet CocoBean! Praying that the meds work.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer & Patti ~ My heart breaks for you. CocoBean lived life to the fullest & rejoiced in every day, spreading her special brand of love & light everywhere she went. I followed her adventures through watching Patti's videos, & the tribute video was simply beautiful. Her love & light will always shine on you. Many blessings & ((hugs)).

Anonymous said...

I was just watching your Mom and she was talking about your Cocoa Bean. I'm sorry you lost your baby. I have a Chi too and know how sweet and funny they are.